Civil Site Design grading strings are the only strings that are linked directly to a polyline.

The polyline remains grip editable so horizontal adjustments are simple with immediate visual results. Templates can be assigned to a grading string. The standard installation provides typical pond templates. Curb templates can also be assigned to a grading string providing an alternative approach for walkway and parking lot design.

This play list contains 6 videos that show examples of grading strings in action.  

  • The first video is a basic introduction to grading strings
  • The second video shows a grading string being used to drape a boundary polyline onto the existing ground surface.
  • The third video shows a template being applied to a grading string for classic pond design
  • The fourth video focuses on how a grading string can be used for a building pad design
  • The fifth video provides an overview of how to edit the horizontal properties of a grading string
  • The last video focuses on vertical grading process