Below you will find the most common questions we receive.

What is Included with Your Maintenance Plan?

Software updates and support are included in with your initial purchase.

  • You can expect 1 or 2 software updates per year
  • Telephone support is provided by our solution partners
  • Direct support is also provided by our support portal
  • You will also receive a home use license for each license purchase

What is a Home Use License?

A home use license is a separate license which allows you to install Civil Site Design on a home computer or notebook. The license remains active while you are on software maintenance.


What's the Difference Between Subscription and Perpetual Licenses?

With a perpetual license Civil Site Design always remains active. Many owners prefer this type of license because it allows companies to manage their software costs.

Subscription licenses are essentially rental licenses with a start and end date. If you do not renew your subscription, the software will cease to work.


How Does Your Network License Work?

When you purchase a network license, you will be provided with a download link to the Civil Site Design network manager along with installation and licensing instructions. This must be installed on one of your servers.

Each network license you purchase defines the number of simultaneous users who can run Civil Site Design. When your limit is reached, a new user must wait until another user releases a license.


What Type of Training is Available For Civil Site Design?

Training is grouped by self learn and formal training categories.

Self learn training is supported by our e-learning site and by our YouTube channel.

Formal training is offered by our partners. The most popular training and support program is our mentoring program which provides you with a Civil Site Design expert who assists project team members on demand as the start and complete a project.


What Issues Can I Expect When Introducing Civil Site Design Into a Civil 3D Environment?

The most common problems faced are resistance to change amongst designers and fear of project delays amongst project managers.

Our most successful deployments have been with designers who are open minded and recognize the productivity benefits of Civil Site Design. All have used a mentor who guided them through the process.


What Issues Can I Expect When Deploying Civil Site Design on BricsCAD?

Usually deployments on BricsCAD go smoothly. Walking through the E-Learning site is highly recommended to better understand the user interface. Also using a mentor to review your standards and to assist in your early projects is highly recommended.


What is a Hybrid Deployment?

A hybrid deployment is where some users are using Civil Site Design on Civil 3D while others are using Civil Site Design on BricsCAD. A single user can do this as well because a single license of Civil Site Design can be used on both platforms.

This is a common deployment that has the benefits of allowing junior designers to become productive quickly. Senior designers can review and adjust the design in Civil 3D using the tools they are most familiar with. When the design is completed, Civil Site Design will generate your Civil 3D surfaces, feature lines, profiles, pipe networks and corridors for you allowing you to use the production standards you have invested heavily in.

Talk to an Expert who will review your short and long term goals and recommend the approach which is best for you.


Can I buy AutoCAD Civil 3D from you?

No, we are not an authorized reseller. Those who are interested in purchasing Civil 3D can do so through Applied Software who are a Civil Site Design Premier Partner.


Can I buy BricsCAD from you?

No, we are not an authorized reseller.  You can purchase BricsCAD directly from our partners who will receive a commission on the sale and can support you. If you purchase directly from the BricsCAD store, support will be provided by Bricsys who cannot support Civil Site Design.


Do you offer subscriptions for students, educators and educational institutions?

Students and educators with .edu email addresses receive complementary Civil Site Design and BricsCAD licenses. Submit a request through our contact page.

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